Satanism: A Brief Summary

A Brief Summary
© 1996-2003 C.E. by L. Hernandez
Updated March 11, 2003 C.E.

When most people think of Satanism they think of men in black robes surrounding a nude virgin on an altar who is about to be sacrificed to “The Devil” in exchange for money, power, immortality, etc. They think of an underground network of drug-smuggling pimps and child porn enthusiasts waiting to destroy the world in order to please their evil Master so as to ensure them a better place in Hell. This Christian/dualist mindset may have been a great premise for a late 1960’s horror flick or a ratings grabber for many a brainless talk-show but nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that no real Satanist would ever be associated with such vile activities, as these things have absolutely nothing to do with Satanism! I will attempt here to briefly explain and defend real Satanism without resorting to any kind of whitewashing of the subject.

Satanism is an officially recognized religion according to the United States government (although one doesn’t see politicians openly, endorsing it like they tend to do with Christianity – which is illegal I might ad!). This alone should make it obvious that no illegal activity is involved. Satanism, as defined in The Satanic Bible, (Avon Books) was codified by Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, who founded the Church of Satan (the worlds first above-ground Satanic organization) in San Francisco, California, on Walpurgisnacht (April 30), 1966, and declared it the Year One, Anno Satanas, or Age of Satan.

Dr. LaVey viewed man as just another animal, “sometimes better, more often worse, than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!” He recognized mans natural instincts and noticed them being hampered by religious, social, and moral codes long outdated; and the negative effects this hampering had on man. He saw how men would do something perfectly natural and then feel guilty about it because of “God”/society/etc., and think of himself as wrong and sinful. Dr. LaVey saw that it was time for change and decided to codify a religion where man celebrates life and nature rather than condemns it; a religion of strength, pride, and indulgence instead of meekness, humility, and abstinence, where instead of wasting ones time praying for some unknown, non-existent “God” to make something happen, you went out and made it happen yourself! He (LaVey) looked to his heroes and mentors throughout history, actual persons as well as fictional characters like Wolf Larson (The Sea Wolf, by Jack London) and saw a common threads: they were all very much like the Miltonian character of Satan. The fact is, Satanism in various forms, has existed since the dawn of man; it just needed to be recognized for what it is, codified, and brought above-ground. Anton LaVey did just that.

Pretty rational sounding, right? So why call it “Satanism”? Satan is a multifaceted term to the Satanist. It is the Dark Force permeating nature which acts as the balance factor, swinging the pendulum in opposition lest the world die of inertia. The Hebraic word Satan means “Opposer/Adversary/Accuser”, and Satanists are in opposition to herd conformity and mainstream mediocrity. Satan is also viewed as a character: the ultimate prideful rebel; master of his own world and lord of all carnality (which fits the former view also). He is innocence: being without striving to be, non-conflict within oneself. He is also the Jester who mocks: he who knows but plays the fool. The creator/destroyer principle: Entropy itself (the destruction which clears the way for creation).

Do not confuse this with an actual living deity – no such thing exists. This Satan is rather a force, a character, a metaphor, and an aesthetic. It is the source of all inspiration. The Satanist does not worship a god or devil of any type, just as a Marxist doesn’t worship Carl Marx and a Pianist doesn’t worship the god Piano.

Satanists see this character of Satan as being one who would never bow down in servitude. He was proud, strong, self-sufficient, creative/productive, and very much his own individual, regardless of what anyone expected of him. He would let nothing stand in his way. This is what the Satanist looks for in his own life, i.e., to serve no masters and live life on ones own terms to its fullest; rational self-interest in its highest form.

Likewise, to a Satanist, “Satan” is a representation of his deepest, innermost and truest self: his drives, his carnality, his dreams and aspirations, his desires and pleasures, his principles and beliefs. Being a Satanist means being one’s own god and exalting these things so dear to oneself–deifying the ego/self. When a Satanist exclaims, “Hail Satan!”, this is what he speaks of.

A Satanist would never kill any living thing intentionally unless in defense or for food as it is highly unnatural to do so, thus, we see no logic in such senseless acts as human or animal sacrifice in the religious sense; those who threaten our territory and kin must be dealt with though, and harshly, as you will view in the case of all animals. Small human children and animals are regarded as sacred beings to the Satanist, as they are natural and unspoiled and can teach him much.

Satanism also recognizes that violence is a very important factor for survival, i.e., if you are attacked, you fight back or die; in order to survive, one must eat and something must die, etc. He sees that self preservation is the highest law. He recognizes equality as a myth and sham used by the weak to level the playing field to the lowest common denominator. He accepts himself as a whole rather than rejecting his darker, more primal traits. He is the rational animal.

Another part of Satanism is the practice of magic. Magic is defined as, “The change in situations or events in accordance with one’s will, which would, using normally accepted methods, be unchangeable.” Not magic like in the movies, with demons and spirits and smoking flashes, but using your own natural power to change a situation; to exert your will. Magic comes in two forms: Lesser and Greater.

Lesser magic involves using one’s own physical attributes, gestures, tone of speech, surroundings, etc., to influence a given situation in your favor. Lesser magic, when combined with Greater, or Ceremonial magic (by a competent magician) can hardly fail.

Greater magic is the throwing of one’s will to achieve or influence a desired result; focusing the mind’s energy, building up one’s adrenal energy with the help of symbolism and ceremonial dogmas/trappings; building up emotion, focusing and throwing the will to a desired target, thus creating the IS-TO-BE.

In order to successfully build up enough adrenal energy, it is usually necessary to employ symbolism and religious trappings as they tend to build up emotion on unconscious and subconscious levels. One must not be disturbed or focus will be lost and energy wasted, therefore, a ritual chamber is used. The standard Satanic ritual chamber consists of an altar with one white candle on the right, representing the hypocrisy of the right hand, white-light, path, and a black candle on the left, representing the Black Flame of Satan, or the Dark Force as vitality or will. This Black Flame candle is used for blessings and beneficial purposes while the white is used for curses. Other black candles are used for illumination, no other colors. A sword or dagger, chalice, bell, parchment, incense (optional), phallus, gong, and whatever tools highten ones emotions are also used. Above and behind the altar, on the westward wall, is the Baphomet symbol (a goat head representing carnality and the old Pan cults, with two horns “thrust upwards in defiance,” superimposed into a pentagram, representing the Pythagorean Goetes (mathematicians who were philosophers and sorcerors; logic and magic) cults, surrounded by two circles with the Hebraic characters for Leviathan, symbolizing Opheonius or the Ourobouros [the serpent eating its own tail: creatice/destructive force as one thing; entropy]). Root: Baphe Metis = initiation into wisdom. The earliest known (verifiable) use of this symbol was with DeMolay and the Knights Templars. This symbol is the focal point for Satanic ritual. The room is dark and this all comes together to form a perfect, and fitting, atmosphere for a magical working.

Though it is true that Satanists DO curse people,and without guilt or fear of it returning threefold, it should be noted that Satanic ritual is not limited to the throwing of hexes. There are love/lust rituals, compassion rituals to help oneself or a loved one out of a bad situation, etc. It all depends on the creativity of the magician. Vanishing acts need not apply.

Magic works with nature, not against it, so if you’re an ugly guy with no personality, don’t expect magic to hook you a babe!

A good magical working should first release the aggression, frustration, or any other pent-up emotions the magician may be harboring in a kind of Katharsis (in the true Greek sense); a form of self-therapy. If performed correctly, results should follow, providing the magician forgets about it and moves on rather than waiting on pins and needles.

Do NOT confuse Satanism with Wicca! Wiccans are typically Christian minded, white-light people who like to play with magic but are too afraid and superstitious to explore its full potential, and what little magic they do use is supposedly for non-egocentric purposes anyway. If a Wiccan throws a spell for personal gain, guilt usually follows, thus, any curses will surely come back to them! As it should for those with such weak wills.

Wiccans are usually feminists and faggots (meaning weak-willed, bitch-men as opposed to actual homosexuals, who are oftentimes of stronger will than heterosexuals) trying to show off. A Satanist knows he has nothing to prove to anyone but himself, and only if he really wants to!

For more information on Satanism, read The Satanic Bible, by Anton Szandor LaVey, available at all major bookstores. If you are already acquainted with Dr. LaVey’s writings and seek information on the Church of Satan, please visit or write:

Church of Satan

P.O. Box 666
Poughkeepsie, NY 12602-0666

Hail Satan! 


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