BLOODFIRE! Magazine, issue #4, Walpurgisnacht XXXVIII A.S.–OUT OF PRINT–no longer available.

Unlike our digest-sized past issues, we have decided on a full-sized format with a much cleaner/neater layout and only contributions by members of the Church of Satan are accepted.

This fine issue contains such essays as Technical Advances in Die Elektrischen Vorspiele, by Donald L. Swain, Sexually Open Relationships – Adding Spice or Cyanide?, by Shiva Rodruigez and Handguns and the Use of Deadly Force, by Lucifer Stein, as well as contributions by David Allen White, Les Hernandez, the Infernal Art and SINsational short stories of Michael K. Silva and more!

*BLOODFIRE Magazine is no longer available. Instead, see our store for The Bloodfire Compendium.