History and Explanation of the Bloodfire Sigil

History and Explanation of the Bloodfire Sigil
© 2002 C.E. by L. Hernandez

The Bloodfire Sigil is a very potent magical talisman for me. It is my personal portal to the abyss–my private gateway to the demonic; my Satanic signature, so to speak. It resonates deeply within me. I’d love to say that it is an ancient symbol from antedeluvian sorcery, passed down through the ages as a well-kept family secret and heirloom, but such is not the case, for, it is of relatively new design; created by myself. It is on all of my personal projects, and when I die, it damned-well better be on my headstone!

Back in the year XXXI A.S. (1996 C.E.), I started a small publication that was originally meant to incorporate topics such as the local (Hawaii) punk scene, Satanism, and whatever else might strike my fancy. Anything I felt passionate about. I decided to call this ‘zine BLOODFIRE!, as in an intensely felt passion so true that it is in your blood. Needless to say, being a Satanist, the ‘zine swayed heavily toward Satanic topics and the punk topics were altogether disregarded before issue #1 was ever compiled, but that’s another story.

I wanted a logo–no–I wanted something more than just a mere logo. I wanted something that represented the idea behind the ‘zine; something visually symbolic of the principle of BLOODFIRE!; something archetypal that the subconscious or unconscious mind would instantly recognize and know as being aligned with the dark force. I let my mind wander on the topic for a while–just flowing and not trying too hard to think. The next thing I knew, my hand was drawing it. Not in an automatic writing sort of way–I just suddenly knew exactly what it was that I wanted.

I wanted to incorporate an “official” look, like that of the Great Seal of the United States, with something reminiscent of the original symbol of Anton LaVey’s Magic Circle, hence, the black, bat-winged demon within a double-circle. The pitchfork in one claw representing the sharp sight of Satanic perspective, or the Third Side, and Satan’s pranksterish character which eventually prods one to his given destiny, whether it be success or folly. The sword in its other claw is representative of justice, might, and diligence. The trapezoid represents the mysteries of Satanic magic and the Law of the Trapezoid. The Black Flame of Satan that burns within it is synonymous with my use of the term “BLOODFIRE!”.

There are four words surrounding the symbol, between the two circles. These words are: strength; will; passion; power.

One of the key ingredients to Satanic magic, as well as success in any endeavor, is desire. Desire is passion. Passion, when focused, is Will. Only through a strong Will can one achieve any degree of power. Power is also strength, and when physical strength is taken into consideration, strength plays a three-part role in the symbol.

I chose English instead of any other language characters because it is the easiest reminder as I do not need to decipher it and can immediately comprehend the words upon viewing. Language is important to communicate ideas and Satan knows this, hence, the serpent-tongue of the black demon.

And this is the story of my crest. Shemhamforash!


*The Bloodfire Sigil is the sole property of Les Hernandez and may not be reproduced, duplicated or used in any other way without prior written consent from the owner.