Inverted Crosses, Pentacles & Pentagrams

Inverted Crosses, Pentacles & Pentagrams
© 2012 C.E. by L. Hernandez

Just a quick note—basics for the kiddies:

Pentacle – an object having five corners. From the Italian Pentacolo.

Pentagram – a five pointed star created by extending the sides of a pentagon. From the Greek Pentagrammon.

Pentagon – a five sided geometrical shape.

A Pentagram is always a pentacle, no matter which way it is pointing, so long as it is an object. So is a pentagon. A pentacle is obviously not always a pentagram, as it may also be a pentagon or any other object with five corners. This is why Wicca began using the term pentacle when referring to a tool (five cornered object) and not just a pentagram.

The argument about whether one has a circle around it or not or that Wiccans only use pentacles and Satanists only use pentagrams is completely ludicrous when one knows what these words mean.

In Satanism our primary symbol is the Sigil of Baphomet (pronounced “ba-fo-MET,” not “BAH-fo-met” or “Ba-fo-may”—the “a” like in “cat” and “met” rhyming with “pet”), which contains a goat head inside of a pentagram (two-points-up), surrounded by two circles, between which are the Hebrew characters “L, V, Th, Y, N” for Leviathan. It is a very specific symbol that, in its entirety, cannot justly be called either a pentagram or pentacle, as the pentagram is but a single component of the whole—as if one would call an entire car simply a tire.

It doesn’t matter that the inverted cross was originally representative of St. Peter—it was still appropriated early on by heretics and devil worshipers (see H.T.F. Rhodes’ historical documentation “The Satanic Mass”). Why? Because turning any popular or widely accepted belief/idea on its head is considered blasphemous. Always has been, always will be—regardless of how people bitch and moan of its origins. You don’t see the swastika being redeemed any time soon, do you? I didn’t think so. So regardless of what all these little twats think, an upside-down cross will always be regarded in Western society as a big middle finger to Christianity. That doesn’t necessarily make it a Satanic symbol, however, though I personally enjoy the aesthetic of seeing an inverted crucifix—Jesus hanging by his nailed wounds and all—just under my Sigil of Baphomet wall plaque on my altar.

Something else I’ve been seeing a lot lately that’s spreading like internet-herpes is the Brimstone sigil, or Brimstone symbol, being called the “Satanic Cross.” Really kids, we just call it the Brimstone sigil/symbol. Why? Because it’s the (wait for it…) alchemical symbol for brimstone! Satanism isn’t trying to be reverse Christianity, so we don’t feel the need to call it a cross.