“Theistic Satanism” is a Farce!

“Theistic Satanism” is a Farce!
© 2012 C.E. by L. Hernandez

There seems to be a new crop of retards on the internet who think there could actually be such a thing as legitimate “Theistic Satanism.” The truth is that the terms “Theistic” and “Satanism” are diametrically opposed. Theism is a belief in the spiritual, which makes it Right Hand Path regardless of practitioners’ intent. Satanism, by it’s very nature, is the rejection of all things spiritual and the exaltation of the carnal, material and mundane, which makes it truly Left Hand Path.

Before Satanism was defined and codified as a legitimate religion in 1966 by Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan, there simply was no such thing as religious Satanism. Up until that time, “Satanist” was term thrown at people as slander; it was purely derogatory. A fantastic in-depth study of this is H.T.F. Rhodes’ The Satanic Mass, which was published in the 1950s–long enough before the formation of the Church of Satan in the following decade, so the reader knows there is no bias involved.

All of today’s wanna-be “Theistic” groups (nothing more than devil worshipers still playing the Christian game, just on the other team), whom deride the Church of Satan while riding its coattails, are thus, hypocrites. Many of said groups claim old lineage which can never be academically traced any further than Horror movies and the Christian media’s unfounded paranoia. The Satanic Panic of the 1980s is largely responsible for inadvertently creating these copycat fakes as a backlash.

There are some groups who will attempt to deny the above, pointing to the Freemasons, Illuminati, etc., as their lineage. These people are victims of a fraud exposed over a century ago that they and those like them keep perpetuating: the Leo Taxil hoax. That is the single point of origin for every single myth attempting to link Freemasonry to the Illuminati and Satanism—and Leo Taxil himself admitted he made it all up in a public confession.

In the 1980s many who came out as “victims” of Satanic Ritual Abuse (all later proven frauds) used the old Taxil stories as inspiration for their own made-up worldwide Satanic conspiracy stories—all 100% fake! This strengthened the paranoid public’s belief in that kind of garbage and is the real root where the problem of so-called Theistic Satanism (devil worship) began.

So what of so-called “Theistic Satanists” who claim that the deity they revere is not the Christian devil? There are those who either practice or rip-off Demonolotry and Ceremonial Magic from the Lemegeton (a.k.a., the Lesser Key of Solomon). Both practices involve the calling up of “demons” to work one’s will, answer questions, or what have you. Both also involve summoning said demons using the names of YHVH/Tetragrammaton/Jehovah, as well as the casting of protective circles. Neither of these involves the veneration of Satanic principles, but only those ideas rooted in Jewish mysticism and Christian ideology. Again, this is Theism, thus cannot be called Satanism, and was never intended to be equated with Satanism.

The truth of the matter is that calling oneself a Theistic Satanist is almost the exact equivalent to calling oneself a Christian Atheist—the words just don’t work together and never will.

This is why Theistic Satanism does not, and cannot, exist. There is Satanism and there is Christian devil worship, and the two have nothing in common that the latter didn’t steal from the former.

There are no branches of Satanism. There is no legitimate thing one can call “Theistic Satanism.” There is only Satanism, as defined in The Satanic Bible, by Anton Szandor LaVey. The rest is a hodge-podge of garbage believed by people who feel a need to believe in deity (which is no different than Christianity) oftentimes emotionally influenced by the media in various forms, such as the myths and lies spread in the 1980s-’90s during the Satanic Panic.

Satanism is a rejection of all things theistic. Satanism is not ecumenical nor egalitarian. Satanism does not need to be accepting of anyone else’s beliefs, and for one to think the Church of Satan would benefit by being a part of any type of broader “Satanic Community” is the height of stupidity. Satanism is the earthly individual over the spiritually-minded collective—it is inherently diametrically opposed to theism at its very core, otherwise it would not be any different than any other deity-adoring religion.

A black sheep is still a sheep.

That said, there is also no such thing as “LaVeyan Satanism.” When Anton LaVey founded Satanism, he did not name it “LaVeyan,” but simply “Satanism.” There is only one thing: Satanism vs. Theism—in all its forms.