© 2011 C.E. by L. Hernandez

Our eyes lock in fixed intensity
Burning with the fire of a thousand black suns
Emotions boiling in my blood
The same rage I feel, burning in your heart
The flickering of a single black candle
Dimly illuminates our visages in the all-consuming,
all comforting darkness
Without a word, we commune
I raise his effigy before you
Between our seething gaze
And shatter the silence with words of violent destruction
as I stab and slash his representation
that which, like the clergyman invoke their impotent Christ
to possess and become the Host,
I imbue with the very Life Force
of he whom I now sacrifice
And in my frenzy, I see that you find this pleasing
For, my hands are your hands
Our Will is one
And he is no more …