Sic Luceat Lux

Sic Luceat Lux
© 1996 C.E. by L. Hernandez

Abundant morose soliloquy
Resplendently camouflaged vomit masked as tears
Regurgitated fecal matter
Disguised as genuine emotion
Melancholy, mentally plagiarized
A generation of one-dimensional nothings
Bereft of personal identity
Feeding like pigs at the trough
On synthetically manufactured dung
Handed them in pretty packages
Which read: “Original! Underground! Counter-culture!”
Shrink-wrapped and clichéd angst

All bullshit

Few gems aren’t counterfeit
In this barren realm of light and plastic
The all-too-often ignored
The real; the gritty; the tainted
The hurt, whose skin grows thicker
With every beating life lashed toward their bare flesh
These are the worthy

All else is shit