Solitary Death

Solitary Death
© 1997 C.E. L. Hernandez

Visions of steel glaring in the twilight
Axes and double-edged swords slashing through muscle tissue
The cries of a mother looking onward as her only son is slain
And the dogs gnaw at his wounds

The face of a once great warrior is pummeled in
By the brute force of a massive, hairy fist
Bones crunch inward with each awesome blow
His weeping widow’s loins moisten at the sight of his killer
And with his last breath, and through the blood on his remaining eye
He watches the blurred figure of his conqueror
Mounting the only woman he had ever loved

Above the sounds of screaming children and the crackling of the burning village
The sound of swords clashing and flesh being pierced and chopped
For a split second, eyes look on to see
A body it once owned
Decapitated and soaked in crimson death

Meat, teeth, hair, and bones cover the battlefield
And a solitary dark figure leaves, alone
With all the spoils of war