The Birth of Death

The Birth of Death
© 1998 C.E. by L. Hernandez

Resting on his belly, a boy burns
Feeling the fires within torch violently
Wandering through the vast blackness of his own mind
He ponders on the spilling of blood

Electricity races through his flesh
And his heart pumps hard and swift
Like drums in the icy pits of infinite space

Eyes maddeningly wide, he bites his palm
As if to release the rage thrashing within

He longs for something new

A dream – an experience
Or perhaps, numbness to slay the dreadful Nothing…
He dreams of a woman he neither has nor knows
Longing to penetrate her flesh
By lust or by blade

With each stroke of his hand he sees deeper
Into the eyes of the Is-To-Be
Feeling his flesh as he longs for her fuck
As her life bleeds away in a crimson pool of violent love…

And death is reborn