The Black Eternal

The Black Eternal
© 1998 C.E. by L. Hernandez

Blackness interwoven
Throughout space, time, and in between
Seething; moving all
Strung through natural flesh
Connecting with minds

The Black Nothingness; woven into multifaceted colors
The eternal strainer
Through which purity alone shall pass
And morals, religion, and the unnatural love of death
Shall ever be held at bay
Never to infect my flesh

Unseen – yet felt, always
Deep within my marrow
Running through me to the image before your eyes
My Blackness – my demoniacal un-entity
This Dark Force connecting me to all of Nature

Akin to parts of my brain, my very drive; my will
Akin to it, and yet they are one
Azazel, Bacchus, Loki, Yog-Sothoth
These are the infernal names
And the Great Black Eternal, interwoven with all: