The Bubbling Death

The Bubbling Death
© 1996 C.E. by L. Hernandez

Formless Ones from aeons past,
Spawn of the star-headed race –
Lived once as slaves, long before man,
They now can take his place

Shifting shapes to one and all
These ever-hunting beasts,
Gelatinous blobs that bite and maul
Mankind, to them, a feast!

Who shall know them? No one can!
Bubbling – formed, yet not
Shaped even as your fellow man;
Beware: the fierce Shoggoth!

The Shoggoth, they may change at will
To catch their nightly prey;
Befriending whom they soon shall kill,
Forms changing day to day.

The Shoggoth feeds without a mouth,
This living, shapeless ooze.
And to eat you from the inside out
They take the shape of food!

So if a friend seems odd to you
And you can’t tell just why,
Beware, for they may be Shoggoth
And you may just soon die!