The Pact on the Hill

The Pact on the Hill
© 1998 C.E. by L. Hernandez

Dancing, dancing, ’round the flames
Praising most unholy names
The Devil’s children play HIS game
In the darkness upon the hill

See the fire come alive
Soon the Master will arrive
And bring delight into our lives
That we may force our will

Calling forth to Lucifuge
I make my pact with thee
To live my life in strength and joy
And never misery!

Fetch the parchment, fetch the quill
A pact is made upon the hill
And not a drop of blood hath spilled
An oath in Satan’s name

Come the morrow, we shall move on
The Devil’s work shall soon be done
And all the world shall see we’ve won –
We, who play the Devil’s game!