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The Bloodfire Compendium (second edition, revised and expanded).

The collected writings of Bloodfire! Magazine, by Rev. Les Hernandez. Introduction by Warlock Michael K. Silva and Afterward by High Priestess Peggy Nadramia.


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BLOODFIRE! cloisonné Baphomet sigil, now available here!


Now available here thanks to Rev. John H. Shaw and The Bloodfire Baphomet sigil! 1.75″ diameter, 3D, antiqued sterling silver!

Sterling Silver 3D Bloodfire Baphomet sigil.

Large Vinyl Baphomet Banners, Book of Shadows, Clothing, etc.

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Warlock Bloodfire’s Talking Witch Board!

This beautiful 10″x10″ Witch Board is intended for solitary use. Available here.